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New Demo Video

*Sorry for the dark video. I didn't know it was set to fast shutter. Better quality video will be up later.
We're in the final stretch of the project and things need to get done ASAP. This is the first true test of all the communication protocols that I designed for the project. We're using a Wii Nunchuk to control our AMAV in real time. This demo shows one of our goals being accomplished, which is real time bi-directional communication over the wireless network. The Nunchuk tells our motor controller what to do and the controller figures out the best way to do it. What isn't shown is the GUI which shows our telemetry data. It will probably be shown publicly in a few weeks. We still have a lot of testing and refining left to do on the motor controller which is #1 priority at the moment. Our next step is sourcing batteries so our AMAV can leave the test bed. Hopefully we will get these faster than our last few shipments which were stuck in limbo.

The impression of having manual control of the AMAV? Powerful. Revving the 4 motors is intoxicating. We're not even putting out full power for safety reasons. I can't wait to see it at its maximum.


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