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Strangely, we have taken lots of pictures of the robot but haven't put them online yet. I'm going to bug Zaid since he owns the camera we've been using.

What we're up to now? We're getting our PCBs ready for manufacturing. Hopefully we will have them in our hands soon.

The frame is getting a complete work over. We reinforced it to reduce vibrations and make it much more rigid. It's rotor shield is done in Autocad (thanks to a helpful SAE member) and we're trying to get authorization to use the Mechanical Engineering's tools for manufacturing. We're from the Electrical side of Engineering so we are not equipped to deal with manufacturing chassis parts but we have more than enough soldering irons!

I've been coding up a storm trying to get everything to communicate with each other. We have so many things talking that we need to keep things organized. Now, I hope Zaid gets those photos up so everyone can see what we're up to.
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