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Qx4 presented in Concordia Open House

These are the official pictures posted on ;)

Open House

Open House

The Qx4 will be presented in a number of future events to be announced soon !!

Final project report and user manual

Here are the final project report and user manual.

Please reference us in your project if you found this useful. We'd also like to know if you are using anything presented in them.

Projcet Report:

User Manual:

Techincal Application Paper

This is a link to our application paper submitted to the IEEE for review. The paper is entitled "A Wireless Multivariable Control Scheme for A Quadrotor Hovering Robotic Platform using IEEE® 802.15.4"

Our MTT Alive Competition Video

Presentation video

My brother took a video of the AMAV while is flying. We can finally share with everyone the results of our project. Report, data, code, etc will be up when the team finds time to it up. Thanks to all those who help bring us to where we are.

Updated video as promised

As promised, a brighter and more clear video of the Nunchuk demo. My LCD is just graphing the output from the Nunchuk. This will probably be the last video you will see for the next week. We're in crunch mode, finishing up the last bit of work to do. We have all our parts (well, only one is stuck in shipping hell again), we have our physical architecture done, and we have ideas on how to present our project. So hopefully, our final product will look nothing like the video. It will be faster, stronger, and better. Until the week of March 25th, the site will probably not be updated until then. Wish us luck.

New Demo Video

*Sorry for the dark video. I didn't know it was set to fast shutter. Better quality video will be up later.
We're in the final stretch of the project and things need to get done ASAP. This is the first true test of all the communication protocols that I designed for the project. We're using a Wii Nunchuk to control our AMAV in real time. This demo shows one of our goals being accomplished, which is real time bi-directional communication over the wireless network. The Nunchuk tells our motor controller what to do and the controller figures out the best way to do it. What isn't shown is the GUI which shows our telemetry data. It will probably be shown publicly in a few weeks. We still have a lot of testing and refining left to do on the motor controller which is #1 priority at the moment. Our next step is sourcing batteries so our AMAV can leave the test bed. Hopefully we will get these faster than our last few shipments which were stuck in limbo.

The impression of having manual control of the AMAV? Powerful. Revving the 4 motors is intoxicating. We're not even putting out full power for safety reasons. I can't wait to see it at its maximum.

New videos and pictures

Jaime has been bugging me to upload some pictures and videos.. Sorry for the late response but here are some tests videos. Enjoy :)

The dark videos are dark because the camera is set to high shutter speed (to visualize the speeds of the props)

And here are some new pictures:


I uploaded some pictures of the project on Google. Zaid is busy with low level logic so I don't want to bug him anymore.


Strangely, we have taken lots of pictures of the robot but haven't put them online yet. I'm going to bug Zaid since he owns the camera we've been using.

What we're up to now? We're getting our PCBs ready for manufacturing. Hopefully we will have them in our hands soon.

The frame is getting a complete work over. We reinforced it to reduce vibrations and make it much more rigid. It's rotor shield is done in Autocad (thanks to a helpful SAE member) and we're trying to get authorization to use the Mechanical Engineering's tools for manufacturing. We're from the Electrical side of Engineering so we are not equipped to deal with manufacturing chassis parts but we have more than enough soldering irons!

I've been coding up a storm trying to get everything to communicate with each other. We have so many things talking that we need to keep things organized. Now, I hope Zaid gets those photos up so everyone can see what we're up to.


Hello all,

We've finished our phase 2 report and are now preparing for our phase 2 presentation. Stuff we've done, we have GUI that tracks and saves our telemetry data. Recently found a performance bug in the GUI, I think we're taking in more information than the GUI can process. Otherwise, it works fine and saves into a file that is editable with Excel.

The AMAV is still under construction and we're getting our schematics ready for PCB'ing. We've just received our IMU and notice its not very as accurate as we liked. We're experimenting with it to see where the errors are coming from. We're going to implement the hover algorithm and start flight testing.

We've also received our sonars which will keep our AMAV away from walls. They work but its annoying to get echos and bad readings at wall corners. Wireless communication works and we've started our base API. We've set up our software to receive network connections so our PC software can route instructions from different machines. Things are going well and we thank our sponsors for the help in getting us the parts we need.

Back in action

So, after the exams period and holidays, we're back in action.

Right now we're waiting for a few components, in the meanwhile we're preparing the design report, the second of the three deliverable reports that we need to submit to the university. It will have details on all alternatives evaluations, technical survey's and most importantly the detailed design for all aspects of the project. Right after that we'll be presenting the design to our supervisor and technical coordinator.

On the quadrotor side, we're working on implementing the control algorithm for stable flight, once done, we'll focus on the navigation and obstacle avoidance aspect.

We'll be posting some videos of the control tests once implemented.
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