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Unfortunately, the entire team is busy with exams at the moment and haven't had time to update the blog. Next semester, I believe we will have a lot more to talk about since we will finally be working on the core problems of the project. 

Our project is going well at the moment. We are in the middle of building our prototype now. We have some of our sensors but we're having problems calibrating them. When we test them without the motors, the readings are vague but at least knew the orientation of the chassis. When the motors are spinning, the chassis vibrates enough that the sensors gives us garbage data. We're trying to smooth out the data and see if that works. Its too bad we encountered the problem right as we go into our exams since we can't spend a lot of time debugging it. 

We have the motors working and we can control each one individually. We only have 2 motors at the moment for simplicity's sake. Now if we can get good sensor readings, we can start the automation logic. 

We still have not chosen a final battery design since we're still trying to figure out our optimal weight to charge ratio. We can't get the biggest battery since it makes our AMAV harder to fly but we can't get a light one because the charge may be too little. We are currently seeking sponsorship and suggestions to help us find the best batteries for our AMAV. I personally would like to see an ultra capacitor or a fuel cell since they're are hot subject at the moment. At the moment we're looking at Li-Pos since that seems to be the popular choice among RC hobbyists. 

I don't know if we will have any more updates until after Christmas, so I wish our supervisor, sponsors, supporters, friends, and family, a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. 
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