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The Team

The Supervisor:
Ph.D. (University of Torotnto, 2000)
Decentralized large-scale systems; Digital control; Adaptive control; DSL communication networks

The Team:

Hello, I am a computer engineering student finishing my last year at Concordia University, and I am the team leader for this project. I am interested in flying robots and have spent considerable time learning about vertical take off and land vehicles and robotics to prepare for this project. My main task is to make sure the work progress is following a well set plan, and to be involved in all systems to make sure everything will integrate smoothly as we near completion of the project.
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Hey, I am a computer engineering student (software option) at Concordia University. Ever since i was a child I always dreamt of becoming a pilot, but my passion in engineering overcame that dream. This is why I decided taking the challenge of building an AMAV from scratch, hence combining my two passions. For this project I will use all my programming experience to teach the vehicle how to fly. I will also be working on the GUI and wireless aspect of this project. My other interests include football and video gaming. Thanks for reading :)!

Hi, I'm a Computer Engineering student at Concordia University. If it isn't already obvious that I have some crazy addiction to technology, well I do. I crave technology and its potential to help society. To keep my mind sharp, I run a Q&A blog where visitors ask me questions about computers. For this project, I will be doing the graphical user interface as well as programing the micro controllers. I am a big fan ofArduino and how they're bringing portable computing to the

Hey, I am an Electrical Engineering student at Concordia university. Ive always been a fan of airplanes and cars. My facination is applying the mechnical aspects of these vehicals in electronic systems. In this project I will be responsible for all the electrical and hardware aspects such as motors, controllers and sensors.


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