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Hello all,

We've finished our phase 2 report and are now preparing for our phase 2 presentation. Stuff we've done, we have GUI that tracks and saves our telemetry data. Recently found a performance bug in the GUI, I think we're taking in more information than the GUI can process. Otherwise, it works fine and saves into a file that is editable with Excel.

The AMAV is still under construction and we're getting our schematics ready for PCB'ing. We've just received our IMU and notice its not very as accurate as we liked. We're experimenting with it to see where the errors are coming from. We're going to implement the hover algorithm and start flight testing.

We've also received our sonars which will keep our AMAV away from walls. They work but its annoying to get echos and bad readings at wall corners. Wireless communication works and we've started our base API. We've set up our software to receive network connections so our PC software can route instructions from different machines. Things are going well and we thank our sponsors for the help in getting us the parts we need.
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